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8mm Film Format Metadirectory if it ain't in here, it just ain't
CineFilm great student rates for 16mm and 35mm film processing
Cinemaker Co-Op Austin TX's hub of filmmaking ideas and information
Dwayne's Photo Parsons, Kansas is the western hemisphere's Kodachrome processing hub

Echo Park Film Center La Famiglia! Power to the people! [the power of film, that is]
The Film Group want to make your super 8 camera crystal sync?
Film and Video Services transfer your super 8 to video
Film Underground find some articles about what you want to know
Filmgruppe Chaos German super 8 guerrillas (sprechen Sie Deutsch?)
Flicker experimental film & video
(no relation) Scott Stark's experimental cinema extravaganza
IJM Incorporated Irv Higdon is the master of Elmo & Beaulieu cameras & projectors--he also does repairs!
Indie Film North an online community for the low/no budget filmmaker
Kodak's Super 8 page straight from the horse's mouth...
Little Film Group Brodsky & Treadway, who were super 8 when super 8 wasn't cool, have gone online!
Plattsburgh Photographic Services will super 8 die? not while Martin Baumgarten's around
Pixelvision modification turn a toy into a pro's best friend
Pro 8mm the only difference between 35mm and super 8?
Small Movies
the original and still the best
Super 8 Stuff Specialists in the repair of Super 8 equipment
Super 8mm Camera Guide Find yours--along with a manual
SuperSens Super 8 lab in Amsterdam
Wholmmovies news & opinion for the other independent films
The Widescreen Centre super 8 is alive and well in the UK!


Alternative Cinema Announcements the place to check for upcoming festivals
North Carolina Visions independent film series on UNC-TV
DC Underground Film Festival yearly indie film festival in our nation's capital
Full Frame Documentary Film Festival international documentary film festival in Durham, NC
Real to Reel Film and Video Festival Cleveland Co. Arts Council annual film fest
New York Underground Film Festival
the city that never sleeps hosts this film festival
Cape Fear Independent Film Network coastal N. Carolina group who puts on the Sometime in October festival
Carolina Film & Video Festival oldest film and video festival in North Carolina
Cucalorus Film Festival the granddaddy of NC indie film fests, in beautiful Wilmington
Hi Mom! Film Festival Chapel Hill's indie fest extraordinaire
Ms. Films an annual event that offers workshops, seminars, screenings and forums for women filmmakers
Glitter Film Festival representing the capital city


A/V Geeks one man and his obsession with orphaned educational films
Triad Indie Film Network organization of anyone interested in creating or enjoying locally produced short and full length movies Blackchair Productions is making the world safe for watching small movie
Other Cinema Craig Baldwin's eye-popping SF venue

Tar Heel Films Bubbas. Grits. Movies. The web portal for NC filmmakers

Flicker Chapel Hill and L.A.
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